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At Bits and Pieces Zine it is our mission to share and promote LGBTQ stories and issues to young people and other stakeholders within Scottish Education


The zine will feature Artworks, illustrated stories, written stories and other relevant contributions depicting lived experience or the stories of real life people from all across Scotland. It is also our hope this will include contributions from young people or school staff who wish to tell their stories or be heard.


Our quarterly Zine will be released in A5 print and in digital format, all sales from the zine will go towards running costs and workshops to create future issues. 


LGBTQ stigma and homophobia still exists in many schools, pupils calling each other gay or other negative slurs is something that still haunts the corridors of schools. LGBTQ groups instead of being safe havens can often be seen as embarrassing and attendance used as a way to bully. This Zine aims to open up further conversations into LGBTQ experiences in the hopes of dismantling homophobia or unintentional archetypes and stereotypes which are damaging.

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